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What is Painter Junction?

Painter Junction is a professional painting company created to serve homeowners and business owners across the United States

Painter Junction started with a parent company known as Mover Junction, a moving company with a strong pedigree of helping millions of people across the country to find and hire professional moving companies, and move successfully.

Based on Mover Junction’s track record of top quality services, most of our customers are happily requesting for other home services. As such, Painter Junction was established to satisfy the need for top quality residential and commercial painting services across the United States.

We are now helping homeowners and business owners find and hire professional residential and commercial painters for all types of painting services across the country.

Whether you’re considering boosting your property’s curb appeal before listing, or you just want a colorful and beautiful home that stands out brilliantly, Painter Junction will help you find the right professional painter you need.

If you’re business owner, a fresh coat of top-quality paint on your walls will indicate your desire for the highest quality and reflects your business reputation for having and delivering top quality services at all times.

How Does Painter Junction Works?

In order to help you find and hire the right professional painter for your job, all you have to do is tell us a bit about the type of painting you want (residential or commercial) and what exactly you want to paint.

With the use of our state-of-the-art proprietary algorithm, we will scan our database of professional painters using the information you provide, to help you find the best professional painters for your job.

These painters will compete in quality and price giving you the opportunity to hire the best of the best at the most competitive price.

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Why Use Painter Junction?

Here’s why you should never miss the chance to hire professional painters at Painter Junction:

  • Largest Database of Licensed and Insured Painters

    We have the largest database of fully licensed and insured professional painters across the United States. So you don’t have to bother about licensure and insurance whenever you hire any of our painting contractors.

  • Help You Find the Right Painter for Your Job

    We believe all painting jobs are not exactly the same, no matter how similar they are. As such, we will match you with the right professional painters (residential and commercial) near you or wherever you need the painting services

  • Free Painting Quotes

    We provide absolutely free Painting Quotes for both residential and commercial painting services. All you have to do is request for Free Painting Quotes and we will be excited to send them your way.

  • Compare Costs and Quality Services

    With our free quotes, you’ll have the perfect chance to compare painting costs and services and choose the perfect painter for your job.

  • Highest Quality Painting Services

    All our painters are professionals with impressive track records in the painting industry (residential and commercial). So expect a professional quality work whenever you hire any of our painters.

  • Thorough Background Check

    All our painters are prescreened with a background check so you can save time and money whenever you hire them. You wouldn’t have to bother about hiring a rogue painting contractor that will rip you off your cash with a poor quality job.

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